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Cast, etc.

Andrew Willmore
Premiere Level Improvisor

Once upon a time, a baby boy was born (to his parents). Over a span of years, the child grew (ostensibly) into adulthood, during which time he had experiences, felt emotions, and often ate or slept. Throughout all of this, the boy (now a man) never realized that being a part of an amazing group of talented people like ETC was in his future (our present). This revelation delighted (and honored) the man, though it came as a great surprise to him. Similarly, it may surprise you to learn that you have been reading about none other than Andrew Willmore (or perhaps it is no surprise to you at all, as you presumably found this in his biography section). As it is nearly impossible (except on certain high holidays) for anyone to accurately predict the future, there is little more that can be said about Andrew’s tale at this time.

It may be pertinent to note that, in addition to ETC, Andrew is an amateur cartoonist who loves movies (including a near obsessive fondness for the Back to the Future trilogy), books, photography and food.

He also has accumulated a large collection of parenthetical asides which he tries to get rid of at every given opportunity.