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Kevin Van Hyning
Premiere Level Improvisor

Ever since he watched Bill Murray, Dan Akroyd and Harold Ramis bust some ghosts on the big screen in 1984, Kevin Van Hyning has been an avid fan of all things funny. However it wasn't until 2002 that he finally wrangled the courage to dabble in the art of comedy himself, experimenting with improv. Much like a gateway drug, improv led to sketch, sketch led to stand up and stand up led to... well, some things are better left unsaid...

Kevin is one of the co-founders of BrainFreeze, the Montgomery based comedy troupe where he initially cut his teeth on the craft of improv. In Birmingham he has worked with various community theater companies on a wide range of productions, including a few dramas. Kevin is also actively involved in the Birmingham film community, working with area directors on short films, commercials and features.

A professional graphic designer, Kevin's second creative pastime is illustration, cartooning and writing comics.

When he's not doing all of that, Kevin enjoys drinking beer and watching Netflix.