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Sarah Coffee
Journeyman Level Improvisor

Sarah grew up in Hoover and has always enjoyed being the center of attention. After moving to Seattle and back during high school, she thought it was so fun that she did it again in college and transferred to the College of William and Mary (and definitely not because she was running from the law). She graduated with a double major in Chemistry and Crippling Anxiety, with a minor in Film Studies and other Millennial Nonsense (much to her fatherís disappointment). In fact, Sarah has directed 5+ of her own short films, some of which are even funny (and a few won awards valued well under $1000)! She also acts in these where she plays such varied characters as innocent girlfriend, adulterous wife, and pizza deliveryman.

After having lived in 6 different cities during her young life, Sarah decided that Birmingham was definitely in the top 5 and moved back home. Now she spends her time trying to explain to everyone what it is sheís planning to do with her life. Sarah enjoys performing in theatre and improv (bet you didnít see that coming!). She also likes long walks on the beach and sunsets. Just to confuse everyone Sarah also participates in archaeological digs and plant biology internships so no one (definitely not the FBI!!!) knows what she will do next.