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Characters, etc.

Trustee Brinks
Security Officer, S.S. Bunwarmer

First Show Appearance: George Foreman presents ETC Cruise!
Played by: Callie Mauldin

Trustee grew up in rural Arkansas, near the Ouachita National Forest, and was orphaned at an early age. Her parents, owners of a lucrative moonshine business, were killed in a terrible fire that Trustee has always believed to be the work of competing moonshiners. Authorities, however, ruled it a result of Ol Man Brinks' annual moonshine bender. Trustee was left with mangled limbs and Small Arms Syndrome. She joined the Arkansas National Guard as an alternate at age thirteen and, after an honorable discharge, she operated a local Gun and Knife store near Pine Bluff. She joined the ship's crew after watching the History Channel documentary "Ships on the Shore, Blood in the Bay."