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Characters, etc.

Mee Maw
Resident of Trailer Park Avenue
MeeMaw to many, many progeny

First Show Appearance: Thanksgiving on Trailer Park Avenue
Played by: Debbie Smith
Notes: Mee Maw was featured on the cover of the Birmingham News City Scene on November 20, 2009. As the central character in the show, she also had the distinction of being placed above the masthead on the front page that day.

Being born in the height of the Depression gave Mee Maw a love of oxymorons she never outgrew. At the tender age of 32 she left her small town home in Alabama (Smalltown, AL) and headed to the Big Apple to become a Rockette. Unfortunately, a few miles out of town her '59 Ford Fairlane started to die and she limped it into the Trailer Park, where she has lived ever since. To support herself, she became a "personal entertainer," which somehow resulted in her giving birth to a dozen or so children. Retired, she now supplements her social security by working for the Snuggie Hotline.