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Characters, etc.

Stella Ayecue
Child Genius

First Show Appearance: To Mock a Killing Bird
Played by: Callie Mauldin

Stella Ayecue is a precocious, nine year old child genius who unabashedly reports her own "cleverness" to whomever will listen. She is the adopted daughter of Les Miserables, and is as emotionally stunted as she is intellectually gifted. She possesses an almost maniacal "will to win." Her self-enrollment at the School for the Exceptionally Talented and Intellectually Superior has not parlayed itself into good social skills, so she spends much of her time studying nuclear fission and creating the DNA structure for intellectually superior raptors and amphibians. She loves collecting useless trivia facts, chemistry experiments, discovering new planets in galaxies far, far, far away, archery, algorithms and amateur detective work (although she knows she won't be an amateur for long!).