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Characters, etc.

Roy McCoy
Host, Pardon Me Boys with Roy McCoy - in the Morning!

First Show Appearance: To Mock a Killing Bird
Other Show Appearances: Totally Illin', The First Annual ETC Clip Show
Played by: Nick Crawford
Notes: Arthur Totally's clock radio was tuned to "Pardon Me Boys..." - which was what the audience heard as the pre-show music for Totally Illin'. Roy's family was introduced in the clip The Real McCoy's during the Clip Show.

It all started in an abandoned Hueytown outhouse that had just enough power and, strangely enough, a radio antennae. Talent pours from the soul and sound of Mr. McCoy, who is recognized as one of the radio world's most beloved on-air personalities. His brand of radio has been called 'simple' and 'basic at best' and with such stellar reviews, McCoy’s future is bright indeed. His show, "Pardon Me Boys with Roy McCoy – In the Morning" is heard all over Merrimont Drive and some parts of Merrimont Road and continues to continue. To sum up his career: "A man like me knows where he is headed – straight to bed, sweetheart, straight to bed."