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Birmingham's Best Professional Improvisational Theatre Company

Now a federally recognized non-profit arts organization!

ETC returns to Crestwood Coffee Company with
Tigers of Tomorrow
October 22, 2015 at 7:00pm

This show will be at Crestwood Coffee Company.
Need more info? Check out their venue page!
This show is free. Tips for performers gratefully accepted.
Please support our host venue with food and drink purchases.

It's our deep dish Chicago-style Harold - 3 different stories woven around a couple of our classic games, smothered in funny, and served up with Crestwood's delicious pastries and sandwiches! Wash down the hilarity with one of their hot or cold coffee beverages, or perhaps a beer or glass of wine. Don't miss the caffeinated comedy!

ETC returns to Moonlight on the Mountain with
Vulcan's Underpants
December 10, 2015 at 7:30pm

This show will be at Moonlight on the Mountain.
Need more info? Check out their venue page!
Tickets are $12 and available at the door. Please note that this venue CANNOT process credit/debit cards.

It's the classic short-form improv games that started it all! Don't miss ETC's triumphant return to this beautiful Over the Mountain performance venue! See all your favorite games along with some all new surprises and holiday "sneak peeks" from the ETC players - and feel free to bring your own drinks and snacks!

ETC returns to the VST with our hilarious hit
ETC presents
Holiday 'Splosion!

December 11 & 12, 2015 at 8:00pm

This show will be in The Martha Moore Sykes Studio at the historic Virginia Samford Theatre.
Need more info? Check out their venue page!
Tickets are $15 for adults or $12 for students - online or at the door!

Remember when the TV networks would give some star of the day a brightly lit Christmas wonderland and 18 guest stars for a spectacle known reverently as the Christmas Special? The ETC cast is bringing back this cheesy tradition of goofy sketches, holiday songs, and some visits from some unexpected (and possibly uninvited!) guests. Sit back and enjoy our salute to the variety shows of yore - and maybe even win a prize!

Check out our FEATURED CLIP!!

From the ETC Vault: watch Chris, Debbie, and Mike put a very Canadian spin on
the Fourth of July - each time faster than the last!
Check out our former Featured Clips on our YouTube Channel!

About us...

The Extemporaneous Theatre Company, founded in 2008, is a repertory-style company comprised of professional artists in theatre, comedy, and a variety of sub specialties. Our goal is multi-faceted:
  • to provide the Birmingham Metropolitan community with quality improvised theatre
  • to work with other artists to bolster the art of live theatre in our community
  • to offer quality improvisational training workshops to students, the community, and corporations, and
  • to have a mighty good time doing it!
In 2013, Extemporaneous Theatre Company was acquired by ETC Productions - an Alabama Nonprofit Corporation. Through ETC Productions, The Extemporaneous Theatre Company has obtained 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status.

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