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Mike Cunliffe
Premiere Level Improvisor

Mike Cunliffe grew up an Air Force brat, living all over the world as a child, exposing him to all types of exotic people, cultures, and customs. Then somehow he wound up in Alabama for 17 years, where all the culture he had soaked up in his youth was beaten and left for dead on the side of a dirt road in Elmore County. In college, Mike decided to join the Theater since that's where all the girls hung out and no one laughed at him for wanting to act a fool and wear a dress every once in a while. With 7 years of college behind him and armed with a love of movies, comedy, and a case of Mountain Dew, Mike moved to Los Angeles where he worked as a location scout for the motion picture biz. There he rubbed elbows with with big stars like Tara Reid, Timothy Hutton, and the guy who played Ned in Groundhog Day. But, Alabama kept calling him back, so after 3 years in Hollyweird, Mike decided to move to Birmingham to be with his finace and finally get good barbecue again. Mike spends his free time writing scripts, making short films, watching lots of bad TV, and singing Karaoke. He also makes excellent pancakes.