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Birmingham Improv Theatre
2208 Seventh Avenue South
Birmingham, AL 35233
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Birmingham Improv Theatre (or the BIT as it will be famously-known soon) has been a dream of the Positively Funny Improv team for several years. This dream consists of a true home in Birmingham for all things comedy. As of now there are no theaters in Birmingham solely dedicated to Improv comedy. This comedy house will focus on Improv comedy, but also serve as a home for sketch, stand-up, musical, and play comedy productions.

The BIT will also be a home for comedy instruction having the space for Improv, stand-up, comedy writing and comedy film classes. Our instructors have been teaching comedy in Birmingham for almost 10 years (thatís 70 years to all our dogs out there). Hundreds of students have learned the ancient arts of comedy in the Birmingham area in such places as bars, elementary schools, dance theaters, and garages. Great as they were, we feel itís time to give Birmingham comedy education a permanent home.